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October 2017,

"Wa Akhiran, Musiba” - "At Last, a Tragedy“:  A short documentary film by Maya Shourbaji (Syria 2017), world premiered at the 69th Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin in 2018, supported by RLS Beirut.

“I cannot resist, cope with, or mourn a tragedy that I do not see. I search for it in memory, among clear and faded pictures, in Damascus and Beirut, in the shadows of my close friend Louay’s stories, between my prisons and his own.”

Find the trailer here.

July 5th 2018,

Film Screening “To Parchim”: A documentary (2018) by German film makers Johanna Huth and Julia Gechter that explores the parallel experiences of 9 year old Mounir from Syria and 91 year old Ulla, who had been forced to flee from East Prussia as a young woman. The short film tackles questions of trauma, war and loss and the difficulty of finding a home in a strange country.

The trailer of the movie can be found here.

December 2017 – December 2018,

“Songs of the Departed”:  A documentary by Majd Al Hamwi about the musical stories of Syrian musicians and hakawatis (traditional folk story tellers) in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. The film explores their traditional folk art practices, how they are being passed on to the next generation and their impact on the social environment in the context of war and displacement.

More on the movie here.