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October 2017,

"Wa Akhiran, Musiba” - "At Last, a Tragedy“:  A short documentary film by Maya Shourbaji (Syria 2017), world premiered at the 69th Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin in 2018, supported by RLS Beirut.

“I cannot resist, cope with, or mourn a tragedy that I do not see. I search for it in memory, among clear and faded pictures, in Damascus and Beirut, in the shadows of my close friend Louay’s stories, between my prisons and his own.”

Find the trailer here.

May – July 2018,

Film “Underdown”: Written and directed by Liliane Rahhal, the movie “Underdown”, set in Beirut, tells the stories of the struggling Palestinian cab driver Abou Housam who lives in his car, the homeless Syrian boy Ali who calls the streets his freedom, and Samya, an unmarried Lebanese woman living with her family in a tiny decaying apartment. A portrayal of hardship and struggle, the movie conveys hope against all odds. The movie is supported by RLS Beirut.

Download project review.

February – April 2018,

Film “Ibrahim”: With “Ibrahim” writer and director Lina Alabed takes an intimate look at her own biography and the person she has become after her father, secret member of the Palestinian Revolutionary Council disappears and leaves his wife and 5 children behind. Retracing not only her own story but also the history of Palestinian diaspora and resistance, she breaks a silence that had been surrounding her family for almost 30 years. The movie is supported by RLS Beirut.

Download project review.

April – November 2018,

Film “A feeling Greater Than Love”: Mary Jirmanus Saba revisits in her critically acclaimed directorial debut the pre-civil war events in Lebanon in the early 1970s, that held the potential for popular revolution and change, but were swallowed by the turmoil of the subsequent civil war. It's a critical perspective on the past that offers important implications for the protest movements from 2011 to the present. RLS Beirut supported the premiere of the movie in Beirut as well as different discussion rounds around the movie.

Find the trailer of the movie here.

May 2018 – May 2019,

Film ProjectThis project takes a close look at the lives and forms of political expression of mostly young people in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the three countries covered by RLS Beirut.

Choosing film as a medium with its potential to create a language and critical exchange across borders, it aims at supporting the participants in their reflection of their own political believes, their political realities and environments. The project includes a mentoring program and financial support for the film production.