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November 2017 – November 2018,

“Competition for Housing Alternatives in Beirut”: Following the new rent law of 2014 that put the housing security of over a quarter of Beirut's residents at risk, Public Works and other organizations started to research the impact of market-driven developments and policies on residential rights and the creation of social and spatial injustice, that often resulted in the displacement of low and middle-income families. Building on its extensive research conducted in 2015-2016 about housing, Public Works is working towards a housing competition that would act as a platform to advocate for affordable housing and the right of long-time residents to remain in the city. The competition seeks innovative and alternative ideas that challenge the dominating model of urban development and address the displacement of low and middle income residents. It is an open call for architects, urbanists, and planners to articulate a framework of intervention that would respond to the challenge of affordable housing and alternative building practices that preserve the city's social fabric and cater for low and middle income inhabitants.

October 2017 – September 2018,

Study: “Contemporary Non-Sectarian and Progressive Actors in Iraq”: Since the war in 2003, research and media representation of Iraq and has been dictated by the notion of a highly sectarian society and political system. This study by Dr Rima Majed, who has visited Iraq several times, aims at shedding light on Iraq's political landscape with its contemporary non-sectarian and progressive political actors and their agenda of political freedom, transparency and democratic rights.