Photo: Roger Asfar

Timeline of the Uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon

Since October 1st, 2019 until the present day, mass protests take place both in Lebanon and Iraq. Both movements did not only break out nearly simultaneously, the people on the street express also similar grievances and demands: against the dominant political system and against the dominant political elite, against confessionalism, clientelism and corruption, against political violence and arbitrariness, against neoliberal and capitalist politics, against the established political system and regime, and therefore for a reinvention of political practice and system in both countries. Media coverage in English and German on the current protest movements in Lebanon and Iraq is rather scarce. This timeline therefore offers an overview of the most crucial events and dates, seeking answers to some of the most important issues within the protest movements: Why are people taking to the streets? Who are they? What are their demands? And how are the governments handling the protests?

Editorial Staff: Miriam Younes,Mohammad Blakah and Katharina Borlinghaus | Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Beirut Office