Nems of going Online

Nems نمس, our new multimedia satire blog is going online. We are developing Nems as a platform and cooperation, a collective and a billboard for smart satire, provocation, caricature and confrontation in all shapes and forms. Making use of and supporting the creative potential of writers, videographers, filmmakers, illustrators and comic artists, Nems will be an outlet for news and entertainment- with the crystal clear goal of sparking debate and shedding light on the dusty corners of our social, political and cultural lives.

The first round of publication over the following 3 months will be centred around the idea of Transgression: the idea of a paradox neither good nor bad, the taboo that is self-imposed, the questioning of the status quo, and finally, a movement beyond borders.

Nems is currently looking for 2 writers, 4 videographers, 2 cartoonists and 2 photographers to kickstart our pilot edition: 4 media formats, 10 artists, 1 piece per format every week.

The submission deadline is 26/09/2019.

Check our website and follow Nems on Facebook, @Nemsblogs on Twitter and Instagram.