Founded in2020, the Kurdistan Times کوردستان تایمز is a collaborative endeavor of Kurdish journalists, writers, columnists, academics, and intellectuals, deeply versed in the dynamics of Kurdistan, Iraq, and the Middle East. Its approach is rooted in an independent and impartial analysis, aimed at fostering a democratic Iraq and Kurdistan, united against social injustice and authoritarian regimes. We prioritize understanding the stories behind the news, focusing on in-depth analyses of political and economic events that shape our region's future.
In a media landscape rife with politicization and polarization, the Kurdistan Times stands as a reliable and earnest voice. We are committed to precision and adherence to democratic values, ensuring our content aligns with the people's interests. Beyond reporting, our goal is to influence policymakers and legislators, advocating for democracy, gender equality, human rights, and social and economic justice. The Kurdistan Times strives to be a catalyst for democratic dialogue and a mirror reflecting the needs and aspirations of our society.

Website: کوردستان تایمز | کوردستان تایمز - Kurrdistan Times (kurdistantimes.org)