About Rosa Luxemburg International

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) is an internationally operating not for profit institution that has become a pillar of political education and progressive social research in Germany and throughout the world. We focus on projects that provide critical knowledge and analysis of societal issues.  RLS supports transnational, emancipatory and solidarity networks that strive for an empowered and democratic participation in societal and political action. RLS is affiliated with the German political party "The Left/ Die Linke".
RLS strives to develop alternative and comprehensive approaches to social transformation, enabling the creation of a more unified and just society. The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung aims to:

  • Organize events and publish material on political education
  • Disseminate information on the social relations governing our globalized, unjust and hostile world
  • Provide a venue for critical analysis of contemporary capitalism 
  • Serve as both a hub for programmatic discussions around a modern conception of democratic socialism as well as a socialist think tank generating political alternatives
  • Serve as a forum in Germany and abroad fostering dialogue between socialist forces, movements and organizations, left-minded intellectuals and non-governmental organizations
  • Support young scholars via undergraduate and doctoral scholarships Provide support  to independent socialist political actors and initiatives that support peace and international understanding, with aspirations towards a socially just world

RLS has been working in Lebanon since 2017. The Beirut office currently works within Lebanon and Iraq as its main countries of cooperation, in close coordination with local partner institutions, groups, and individuals. RLS also cooperates with Syrian communities in exile and analyzes developments in Iran and Syria. The office’s programs focus on Migration and Forced Migration, Conflict and Post Conflict, Political Economy and Social Rights, Food Sovereignty and Feminist politics.