Art Competition on Rosa Luxemburg


Call for Contribution: 100 year anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg's death.

  ' I was, I am, I will be!'  

These words were the last words of the German Marxist theorist and revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg before her assassination on January 15th, 1919. This year, 2019, marks the 100-year anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg's death. During her lifetime, Rosa Luxemburg wore many hats: She was a radical revolutionist, a convinced pacifist, an outspoken feminist, an influential leader in the Socialist Internaitonal and - last but not least - a life-affirming woman.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her death, The Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation-Beirut is organizing an art competition on the person, the life and the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg.

“I was, I am, I will be!” aims at encouraging visual arts’ students to deal with the person and work of Rosa Luxemburg and display it in any visual art form that suits them.