Film Screening and Panel Discussion at the Duhok Youth Center


On December 14th, 2023, the Slemani and Pirozana teams arrived at the Duhok Youth Center to prepare for a film screening and panel discussion. The event was attended by artists, organizers of the Duhok Film Festival, members of the Youth Art Cinema Club, academics from the University of Duhok, and members of the community.

During the event, a club member introduced the Dohuk Youth Center work and activities, and Shenah Abdullah, a member of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) team, presented the organization's work. A short film called "Gwez w Nakhl" was screened “Gwez W Nakhl: Journey towards Food Sovereignty” short documentary is one of the poignant outcomes of a flourishing network that bridges geographical divides. The short documentary was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Shenah Abdullah and featuring panelists Dr. Schluwa Sama (joining via Zoom from Berlin), Niah and Iman Mohammad from Pirozana Village Amede, and Rebaz from Food and Heritage from Slemani.

The panel discussion focused on introducing and defining food and seed sovereignty, followed by discussions on agriculture in the Slemani governorate (Food and Heritage), the history of agriculture in Pirozana, and the role of women farmers in agricultural heritage in the past and present, the role of young female farmers and their aspirations, the objectives of the Gwez w Nakhl Network, the role of male farmers in Pirozana, the achievements and challenges of agroecological work in Pirozana, and its importance.

The event provided an opportunity for the Pirozana and Slemani teams to meet and connect with people from various backgrounds. It also served as a platform for advocating for the rights of farmers and raising awareness about food sovereignty in Lebanon and Iraq/Kurdistan, while highlighting the work of Gwez w Nakhl, BuZu, and Food and Heritage groups, along with the focus work of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in the region.

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