Social and transformative justice in conflict and post-conflict settings


Pictures of our conference on "Social and transformative justice in conflict and post-conflict settings" taking place from November 13th until November 16th in Beirut.

The Conference

Based on the assumption that most conflicts are rooted in socio-economic causes that usually continue in the period during and after the conflict, we want to discuss the topics of social and transformative justice in contexts of conflict and post-conflict. The workshop will address four main topics:

  1. Local Struggles for Social and Transformative Justice;
  2. "Shrinking Spaces“ for civil society in conflict and post-conflict;
  3. The Economics of War/Post-War Economics;
  4. Civil Conflict Management.

Our objective is to look at these topics comparatively. Therefore, we are inviting discussants and experts about regions as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, East-Timor, Bosnia, Ruanda and Colombia.