2nd Food Sovereignty Network Meeting in Iraq

Following the 1st Food Sovereignty Network Meeting in Kurdistan, specifically in Amadiye, Dohuk and Sulaymaniya, the 2nd FS Meeting shall take place in Baghdad, Iraq. Hereby, it is important to have this meeting in Baghdad, mostly the countryside of Dorra and Yousefia which are marginalized sites within any kind of (environmental) activism or knowledge transfers. Due to  the security situation, most INGOs and civil society organizations prefer to conduct activities in Kurdistan-Iraq. However, it is important to exchange, produce and share knowledge at the site of actual food production and within the context of  the farmers themselves. Therefore, the 2nd exchange in the rural areas of Baghdad is of crucial importance.

At the same time, it will be the first time that the agro-ecological garden of the Baghdad group will be visited and analysed by the trainers of Buzuruna Juzuruna. For  the village of Yousefia, challenges to change into agro-ecological methods will be discussed on site, including his knowledge on his own land and his needs from the network. Also, further people of the village can thus be included and informed about agro-ecological methods.

One of the aims oft he program is indeed to discuss how to involve farmers in a seed producing network. At the same time, after having taken trainings on agro-ecological farming techniques, this workshop will focus mostly on building and managing a seed library. In a context where most Iraqi seeds are being lost and little state regulation existent towards preserving seeds, it is an essential part oft he work of the work oft he network.

Furthermore, the exchange, reconnection and updates as well as the challenges faced by each group individually shall be brought up and  shared and discussed collectively.

With the aim of strenghtening and learning from other regional experiences on food sovereignty, an activits oft he Palestinian food sovereignty movement shall be invited to share her knowledge on urban gardening that is of importance for FS activism in the city itself.