"Self-Sufficiency is Sovereignty" Food Sovereignty Festival - Kurdistan Iraq

Between April 22 and 27, 2024, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) Beirut Office organized the Food Sovereignty Festival "Self-Sufficiency is Sovereignty" in Kurdistan and Iraq. During the festival, RLS launched two important new publications. The first, a study titled "Toxic Trade of Pesticides in Iraq" gives an overview of the pesticide market in Iraq and examines the role of the state within this trade, as well as the toxic effects on farmers, peasants, and the environment. The second, a graphic novel titled "We Take Care of the Land as the Land Has Taken Care of Us" recounts stories of people in rural communities and their struggles to maintain their culture and livelihoods from the colonial era to modern times. The festival also included farm visits and film screenings, including the short documentary “Gwez W Nakhl: Journey towards Food Sovereignty” by the food sovereignty network in Kurdistan and Iraq. Attendees also got the chance to view exhibitions, take part in discussions around food sovereignty, and participate in workshops to learn sustainable agroecological practices.

Check out the pesticide study here

Read the graphic novel here