Conflict and post conflict

Wars, conflicts and violence have affected our partner countries Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria for decades and continue to do so today. In our program, we deal with different forms of structural violence and popular resistance against it. How do post-civil war countries deal with their past and what can we deduce from this for the current situation? What forms of social resistance and socio-cultural engagement can be there in the midst of wars, and how can we support them?

 In order to address these questions, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung focuses on supporting the established forms of organizing, political strategies, alternative medias and collectives. RLS seeks out forms of non-hierarchal and participatory approaches to work, through round table discussions, networking meetings, and support for publications on under-addressed issues in the field of politics and society in conflict and post-conflict contexts. In addition, RLS places efforts on the transfer and archiving of knowledge and history for the progressive actors themselves as well as for interested local, regional, German, and European actors and opinion leaders.